2018 was… Pretty Bad!

When I set this site up, I added a ‘blog’ category just in case I had any non-review, personal writings I wanted to make. Nothing really came of it because I pretty much commit every thought I have to the internet anyway, so who needs more of that but without a character limit?

Anyway, it’s year-end and I’m feeling awful reflective. I wanted to jot something down other than what my top five Call of Duty maps are this year (Nuketown remains undefeated), so here we go.

This year was bad. I’m not sure how to write this without sounding extremely dramatic, but it’s the only phrase coming to mind right now; I feel like every aspect of myself unravelled this year, and I’m not sure I’ll ever be back to the way I was before.

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Streaming Plans for 2018

I refuse to call this a resolution, it’s just an idea to make things better that just happens to coincide with the new year. Thanks.

Last year, I really put streaming on the back-burner due to moving out and laziness. So here’s the plan going forward. I’m going to try and do two a week. One early in the week, one on the weekend.

I’d like to have two series going concurrently. There’s some new Hitman content out, the Patient Zero campaign, so I’ll start that soon. You can watch my previous Hitman videos here.

After getting some good feedback on it, I decided to give Life is Strange: Before The Storm a whirl. I was apprehensive about it, but enough LiS fans have told me it’s worth checking out. You can see my full playthrough of the original series here.

I’ll start Hitman in the coming days and Life is Strange on the weekend. Once I’m done with those, I’ll finally get back to my long in-stasis Dishonored 2 playthrough.

I hope folks can check some of these out and enjoy them. I’ll also be trying to write more on this site, and I’ll update on all of this on Twitter when possible.

Happy 2018 and such. X

A Site! To Review Things!

I’ve finally realised my potential and justified five years of studying journalism at university — I’ve created a WordPress site to post reviews on!

Graduation day, confirming me as a Master Of The Written Word.

I love reviewing things – I love being an overanalytical little nerd and breaking down why we love or hate the things we love and hate. And ranting and raving on Twitter doesn’t quite satiate me. So I’ve started this site for when 140 characters just isn’t enough.

My main focus will be pro wrestling and video game reviews (yeah, you found a real winner of a site here) with some TV reviews sprinkled within. The reviews will mainly be bitesized, and I hope to produce them fairly regularly, although I’ll write some longer posts if I feel it necessary. For wrestling, I’ll be posting full show reviews and also shamelessly apeing TJ Hawke’s great single-match review format. Thanks Teej!

If you’re reading this and would like to give me lots of money to review things (or for any other reason) please reach out via Twitter.